“Yaldeinu provides my son with an accepting environment that allows him to learn and grow”.
The Staff of Yaldeinu has taught my son to verbalize his feelings so he is less frustrated”.

Mrs. Kivman

“Yaldeinu has made a tremendous difference for my son. He made so much progress in these 2 years that he’s been there. His speech, language, and social skills have greatly improved. The school has changed my son. Everyone sees it”!

Mrs. Levin

“The greatest point I would like to state is; Yaldeinu is not only a school, it’s a FAMILY.
The atmosphere is very warm; they truly care about each and every child. They have a goal to take care of the children and their future. It comes from their heart. They encourage the students to do well and to try again. They put confidence into the children. There’s a lot of positive reinforcement. They try the best for the students.

The school is constantly getting professionals to improve the teaching level. If there is anything good that the school can adopt they’ll do anything to try it here at Yaldeinu.

Mrs. Peretz

I can’t imagine a better place for my child Nachmen. The staff at Yaldeinu is not only professional but warm and involved in my son’s development heart and soul. My family and I are constantly amazed at his progress in every area since he joined Yaldeinu.

Nachmen was never able to participate in family activities and congregations. Thanks to Yaldeinu, he is now an active member in everything that goes on around him.

Mrs. Rosen

The Carbone Clinic has been providing consultation services to the Yaldeinu School for almost two years. During this period we have had the opportunity to work closely with the teachers, their assistants and the school administration. A student centered approach to education along with a strong emphasis upon the application of evidence based instructional practices are hallmarks of the school. Student achievement and development are the focus of every person who serves students at Yaldeinu. We, at the Carbone Clinic, are pleased to be a member of the educational team at the Yaldeinu School.

Dr. Vincent J. Carbone, BCBA-D

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