speEch therapy

“Our words are the limbs of our hearts and minds”

With the above statement as the cornerstone of our department, we are dedicated to encouraging our children to spread their limbs and connect to the world through language. We believe that effective and functional learning occurs through meaningful interactions with the world.

By encouraging, and in many cases teaching our students to engage in and explore their surroundings, we are creating an optimal learning environment simultaneously attaching meaning, language and social appropriateness to their experiences. Utilizing both push in and pull out models, our speech language pathologists provide customized interventions treating an array of disorders such as speech, language, feeding, and pragmatic language.

Our Language program entails Receptive, Expressive and Pragmatic language remediation. Receptive and Expressive therapy is provided through the fusion of developmental and behavioral models bridged with the essential component of play therapy. Because play introduces a child to the big complex world in an engaging and unintimidating way, it becomes the platform for language learning. It is the place where a child begins to explore toys, play with them appropriately, ultimately moving on to pretend and representational play that is realistic appropriate and most of all, FUN!! Through this channel, the child learns that objects and actions have names and the child then develops the ability to label, request, and comment. Pragmatic language skills, which include, but are
not limited to, joint attention, turn taking, conversational skills and appropriate use of language are targeted through role playing, video modeling, social stories and contrived social interactions.

Feeding therapy, utilizing thermal and tactile stimulation, along with physical cues, comprises of heightening tolerance for the taste, texture and temperature of foods, and for teaching adequate chewing and swallowing patterns. Our pathologists are present in the classrooms as well during lunch periods in order to assist the children and to coach the teachers in implementing proper feeding techniques.
Oral motor therapy is implemented in order to assist our students in strengthening muscle tone, achieving proper place and manner of articulation, and in increasing volume, rate and range of motion of the articulators responsible for speech production and feeding. PROMPT therapy is among the techniques employed to shape the articulators for speech sound production.
Voice and fluency therapy are provided as needed to children who present with hoarseness, strain, dysphonia, stuttering and other voice /fluency disorders.
It is our goal and commitment to service the whole child in as most comprehensive and effective way possible.


Our reading programs are designed to cater to and facilitate all learning styles. Programs include Reading mastery, VAKT (Visual,Auditory, Kinesthetic, and Tactile), Balanced Literacy, as well as LIPS and Visualizing and Verbalizing (Linda Mood Bell). To target reading comprehension, we develop each child’s vocabulary by teaching words across forms and functions; in this way, the child is not only reading, but reading for meaning.

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