OcCupational therapy

“The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence”
(Denis Waitley).

The hallmark of our Occupational Therapy Program focuses on the sensory processing needs of our students.
Sensory processing is the ability to perceive, process, organize and integrate sensory information from one's internal and external environments. This enables our children to effectively and efficiently function within and communicate with the world around them.

The Yaldeinu School offers comprehensive occupational therapy services for our children. We help the children reach their full potential for functional independence in school, at home and in the community. Our occupational therapy program is unique in that:

  • Our services include evaluation, consultation, and individualized treatment programs to foster development and empower families.
  • We use a multidisciplinary approach as we work collaboratively with our speech therapy and behavioral therapy team to treat the whole child.
  • Our occupational therapy program consists of both individual and group therapy sessions.
  • We design 1:1 comprehensive sensory-based services for each child based on his or her own goals, as well as family priorities. We address sensory processing disorders, including sensory modulation, sensory regulation, and sensory discrimination disorders.
  • We develop creative and functional occupational therapy programs to address fine motor, visual-motor, visual-perception, and activities of daily living skills to increase the child’s independence. With the expertise and support of our OTs, these programs get carried over into the classroom, and run by the special instructors on a daily basis to ensure learning, retention and generalization of the skills.

Our OT Groups

I) Wake-up and Learn

• Calming Transition:

  • We set up a calm and relaxing classroom environment consisting of music and matted/cushioned areas.
  • We utilize massage and joint compression techniques to ease the child’s transition from the bus to the classroom.

S.M.A.R.T. Obstacle Course:

  • We use rhythmic bass music while the children engage in brain boosting exercises which prepare the body and mind for learning.
  • These activity stations address components of vestibular, core, vision, endurance, and reflex integration.

II) NeuroNet

  • Each classroom participates in a developmental sequence of exercises addressing the integration of rhythm, timing, multi-tasking, vestibular processing, visual processing, standing balance, foot and hand coordination, listening and talking.
  • For more information on NeuroNet visit: www.neuronetonline.com

III) Mind and Body

  • Sensory motor stations are set up in the sensory gym using various pieces of equipment in which the children will engage. This allows them to explore, use their bodies, motor plan, interact with a partner, improve endurance and ‘body’ attention and interact creatively.
  • An interactive team sport activity closes the group session.

IV) Sensory Motor Development (SMD)

  • Each student performs a set of hierarchical exercises which address vestibular processing and ocular motor skills.

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