applied behavior analysis

What is Applied Behavior Analysis?

ABA is an effective, measurable and systematic treatment protocol for children with Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders. Environmental modifications promote functional skills while decreasing problem behaviors that prevent or disrupt the learning process.
By implementing strategies based on the principles of behavior, our interdisciplinary team engages in data collection, troubleshooting and individual program modifications. These changes are based on the learning styles and educational needs of each individual child. This form of collaboration fosters a unique platform for learning that encompasses all skill levels ranging from basic (requesting) to complex (reading, writing and/or mathematics).

Our ABA Program

Our ABA Program incorporates Skinner’s analysis of verbal behavior. It is our philosophy that to appropriately address language development, we must also focus on the functional- (why we respond) and formal- (form and structure of the response) properties of language.

We utilize the following strategies and procedures:

  • Reinforcement: This is a key teaching procedure which utilizes primary and secondary reinforcers (i.e. token economies).
  • Intensive Teaching: Effective teaching procedures (pairing, reinforcement, errorless
  • teaching, mix and vary operants, pace, fluency, and escape extinction) are employed at the table.
  • Natural Environment Teaching (NET): NET is incorporated into 1:1 teaching sessions
  • targeting manding (requesting), pairing with reinforcement, language, play, motor and social skills. The instructor follows the child’s lead/motivation while generalizing skills taught at the table.
  • Video Modeling: Real-life scenarios are portrayed for our higher functioning children in
  • order to appropriately teach play and social skills.
  • Functional Analysis: Defines the function of problematic skills in order to determine
  • effective behavior reduction procedures.
  • Data Collection: Probe and percentage data are collected to track skill acquisition.
  • Assessment of Basic Language Learning Skills: Outlines current language levels while
  • assisting in development of future language goals.
  • Direct Instruction Curriculum: Connecting Math Concepts, Reading Mastery, Language for Learning and Language for Thinking.
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